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Centroid CNC controller

Centroid CNC We don't read minds but chances are good that your CNC controller is no longer working. Relax. You are in the right place. Machines in Motion, Inc. has fixed hundreds of old CNC controls. Frequently we locate the problem then implement a low cost solution. Sometimes the damage is beyond a simple fix. Either way, Machines in Motion, Inc. will present one or more options for quickly restoring your cnc part production capability. We have represented the Centroid line of CNC machine controls for nearly 20 years. From DOS based controllers through Linux controls up to today's Windows 10 based CNC controller. Machines in Motion, Inc. is a full service dealer for all things Centroid CNC. We sell everything from component level CNC kits to complete turnkey CNC control systems, provide professional installation, assist with technical support, train CNC machine operators, and repair older Centroid controls. Centroid has been around so long that some of their early controls will benefit from updating the CNC control hardware. Look around our new website. We have worked hard to present the answers you seek. If your specific question requires a more immediate answer simply email us today for a solution tomorrow. You will also find a live person answering our phones. When you must leave a message expect us to respond As Soon As Possible.

Requesting a CNC Controller Quotation

Evaluating your Centroid CNC controller upgrade project


CNC controller For immediate answers contact us directly by phone or email. On this site we have presented several examples of CNC control system pricing. However, every machine is different as are the goals of each customer. A specific quotation for your CNC controller upgrade project will require some specific information about your machine and the goals you have set. Click on the RFQ link shown near the top of every page. This will take you to a set of informational worksheets. Select the worksheet that best fits your machine application. Each worksheet is generated as a MS Word form. Type in your company & contact information, then use our multiple choice menus to describe your project. Don't feel limited by this form alone. If you have other information please include it in your email or in a separate document. Important details are found in the photos we request. Our quotation will be more accurate when good photos are supplied.


Contact us for all your CNC controller needs. We sell Centroid CNC products direct to you.