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CNC Lathe Controls for turning applications

Centroid offers 3 different retrofit control packages for CNC lathes. Purchasing from Machines in Motion Inc. means: 

  1. You'll receive Centroid's full "professional level" control software, not some down graded copy.
  2. When comparing T-400 & T-39 lathe control systems purchased from Machines in Motion Inc. we quote each with the same size servo motors. (we don't mislead you)
  3. Machines in Motion Inc. offers our customers the choice of professional retrofit control integration or customer installation with our full technical support, only a phone call away.
  4. All components provided and installed by Machines in Motion Inc. include a 12 month warranty.
  5. All available cnc retrofit control options are presented to you with our first quote. Machines in Motion Inc. has a strict "no surprises" pricing policy.
  6. Free control use training is included with every professional installation. We want your business, up to speed, A.S.A.P.
  7. Machines in Motion Inc. is focused on providing for the professional "money making" machine shop whether in your garage or huge factory. As such, we do not convert manual Bridgeport knee mills nor do we offer stepper motor "hobby" type cnc retrofit control systems.
  8. Machines in Motion Inc. can upgrade most any NC or CNC lathe with today's PC based cnc control technology, including: Manual VTL, very large manual machinery, older NC machines, and most any custom built CNC machine.
  9. Lathe control services are easily accommodated for features such as: tool turret changers, programmable tailstock or cutoff, automatic tool measuring, and custom M-codes for other machine specific functions.


cnc lathe   

T-400 CNC lathe control

 T400 cnc lathe control


Centroid retrofit controls handle all machine sizes.

Photos displayed on this website are representative of the product being referenced. The cnc lathe control system we quote for your specific machine may include servo motors that are larger or smaller than what is displayed. It is our goal to provide you with a properly sized and engineered cnc lathe control. Machines in Motion Inc. can easily supply servo motors from less than 500 watts to over 5 Kw. Let us know if your lathe's spindle motor and/or driver requires replacement. We can do this also.

Simple cnc lathe control

cnc lathe 
 control large


Typical pricing for a CNC lathe control

For this example we have chosen a 2 axis cnc lathe, without automatic tool changer.

1. T-400 control system includes 2 servo motors, encoders, cabling, electrical enclosure, 2 servo drivers, PLC, CNC computer, CNC software, Conversational programming software, professional CNC console with mounting arm hardware, color LCD monitor, push button jog panel, and computer keyboard. This system will bolt onto your current cnc lathe with minimal effort. You can also expect the highest level of reliability from Centroid's factory built CNC lathe control.

T-400 base price is $9,955.00 (2010)
Typical price with commonly purchased features is $10,455.00

2.  Our T-39 cnc lathe control is $1,200 less than the same size T-400 cnc lathe control. With the model T-39, the customer will supply his own LCD display and computer keyboard. The CNC computer and lathe software are still included in this system. Machines in Motion always includes the push button jog panel with every T-39 cnc lathe control system.

Professional cnc lathe control installation includes machine testing & adjustments for best performance with control use training to get you started quickly. starting at $2,495.00.

Travel related expenses may be additional.

basic cnc lathe control

Bridgeport EZpath CNC lathe with the Centroid T-400 control.

low cost lathe cnc control

Will your's be the next lathe featured here?


Component level CNC lathe control kit for turning applications

3. Machines in Motion Inc. offers low priced cnc lathe control kits. It's difficult to compare these unwired parts with the completely wired T-400 or T-39 lathe controls. Considerable knowledge is required to wire up your own cnc lathe control system. Expect longer machine down time when choosing this path to upgrade of your cnc lathe. With our component level cnc lathe control kit, it is possible to retain some of your machine's old components.

Kit prices start as low as $1,995.00 when you provide the computer, motors, servo power supply, encoders, and cabling.

On occasion, it may simplify the upgrade project for us to install a component level kit. When this has value for the customer we will make that recommendation.  

lathe cnc control kit


For greater detail on each of our lathe control upgrade products please visit

Call us about NEW CNC lathes  -- each with Centroid's Professional level OEM control.

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